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Welcome to the Larkspur Building WikiEdit

A collaborative wiki about the Larkspur building and the people who live there.

Main Pages

Here are some of the people that live in the building. Upload some information about yourself and get to know your neighbors! Be aware - this information is public, we have not created login requirements for this wiki.

Here are issues we are working on or have worked on in the past.

Here are some events, past and future, in and around the building.

Bedbugs, what about storage spaces in the basement?Edit

We're going to have apartments inspected which is great, and makes sense because bedbugs are where people are, but what about our storage rooms downstairs?

I personally use mine to store many things I use quite regularly.

Shall we ask the exterminator to visit those places right away (on Wednesday or Monday, depending on the day you chose for the first visit), or is it just easier to wait until they confirm we are infested... and then take measures?

Annick (5G)

Latest activityEdit

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